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    CEE Corporation Training Enterprise is a leader in training and is certified as a Professional Services Partner of Communications delivering training courses. We are a leading provider of technology-oriented IT certifications and post-secondary degree programs designed to help professional employees, carrier switchers, and students develop skills and knowledge they can use to pursue career opportunities in a variety of fields. We offer customers the flexibility of taking training programs online, onsite, or from one of our 200+ campuses throughout Washington D.C Metropolitan area, the U.S and worldwide training locations. We provide short and long terms training in IT and business skills. CEE is committed to helping our clients achieve the skills and expertise to take their careers to the next level. At CEE Corporation Training our goal is to provide companies and individuals develop the skills and knowledge to pursue many opportunities in fields involving technology, business and more with the goal of obtaining better jobs, better salaries resulting better income.

    EXISTING — CLASS SCHEDULES            (Special Prices)

    • COURSE                                  START DATE        LENGTH        PRICE
      • Microsoft Office Suite    Jan 25, 2021      32 hours     $789
      • SQL Fundamentals         Jan 25, 2021        32 hours    $989
      • Share Point 2010             Jan 25, 2021       32 hours     $1,989
      • CompTIA A+                     Jan 25, 2021     40 hours      $989
      • CompTIA Network+        Jan 25, 2021    40 hours      $1,589
      • CCNA                                  Jan 25, 2021      40 hours     $1,989
      • CCNA Security                  Jan 25, 2021     40 hours      $2,189
      • CompTIA Security+         Jan 25, 2021      40 hours       $1,189
      • CCNP                                  Jan 25, 2021       96 hours      $4,989

      Hurry while offer lasts. Prices are subject to change per promotions.    Dec 07, 2020 classes will have additional promotion of 10%  price discount.

    EXISTING — CLASS SCHEDULES            (Regular Prices)

    COURSE                                  START DATE        LENGTH        PRICE

    • Microsoft Office Suite   Feb 01, 2021      32 hours      $789
    • SQL Fundamentals        Feb 01, 2021     32 hours      $989
    • Share Point 2010            Feb 01, 2021      32 hours      $1,989
    • CompTIA A+                    Feb 01, 2021      40 hours     $989
    • CompTIA Network+       Feb 01, 2021       40 hours     $1,589
    • CCNA                                 Feb 01, 2021       40 hours      $1,989
    • CCNA Security                 Feb 01, 2021       40 hours      $2,189
    • CompTIA Security+        Feb 01, 2021      40 hours      $1,189
    • CCNP                                  Feb 01, 2021        96 hours      $4,989

    Hurry while offer lasts. Prices are subject to change per promotions.


    8am-5pm Monday to Friday (5 Days Intensive Boot Camp)—-> 40 hours/week

    8am-12pm Monday to Friday (5 Days Intensive Boot Camp)—-> 20 hours/week

    1-5pm Monday to Friday (5 Days Intensive Boot Camp)—-> 20 hours/week

    8am-12pm Monday to Friday (5 Days Intensive Boot Camp)—-> 20 hours/week

    6-10pm Monday to Friday (5 Days Intensive Boot Camp)—-> 20 hours/week

    8am-5pm Saturday and Sunday (2 days Intensive Boot camp)—> 18 hours/week

    6-10pm Saturday and Sunday (2 days Intensive Boot camp)—> 8 hours/week

    8am-6pm Saturday to Sunday (2 days Intensive Boot camp)—> 20 hours/week

    8am-12pm Saturday to Sunday (2 days Intensive Boot camp)—> 10 hours/week

    12-4pm Saturday to Sunday (2 days Intensive Boot camp)—> 10 hours/week

    You may also contact us at (202)-827-5707 for more information about schedules.

     CEE Corporation specializes in on-site instructor-led and live online delivery of industry standard as well as custom IT courses.

    • Leadership and innovation in IT training
    • A breadth of IT training and delivery methods offered
    • Industry visibility, innovation, and impact
    • Building professional skills for workers through a comprehensive portfolio of learning services and technical training that apply informal, social collaboration and formal courses to empower learners to build their skills and capabilities.
    • A global team of instructors and experts are dedicated to helping individuals, companies, CEE Corporation customers, Business Partners and public organizations acquire, maintain, and optimize their skills, building skills for a smarter planet.
    • We are certified re-sellers, technology, training providers partner for US and World top 25 leading technology providers including Citrix, IBM, VMware, Symantec, Brocade, Cisco, Juniper, HP, EMC, Global Velocity, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and more. CEE Corporation delivers innovative, leading-edge training around which we offer a variety of training core services, including advisory, implementation, and migration training, change management, integration, and certification training.

    Training Solutions has live open enrollment events scheduled regularly for both physical and remote online students.  

    • Capability to deliver multiple types of training services
    • Helping trainee companies plan and manage the changes in their systems to accommodate technology changes in their business structure.
    • We have accumulated over 20 years experience improving the performance learning for dozens of global corporations across industry sectors.
    • Our 27+ years industry proven practical experience record of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to government and commercial customers. Our training courses includes actual products best practice configurations and on job training.
    • Our managed learning service provider training function of our capabilities, contributes as a single training partner for our customers and offers a channel to manage all learning activity and operations. We undertake all delegate and event administration, source and manage best practice training delivery providers, and provide quick and easy access to extensive market intelligence, data analytic and learning expertise. Our service is an ideal platform for L&D leaders who want to make a real impact and introduce world-class learning & development.

    We are learning partners for several of our alliance, strategy, solutions, technology partners and customers including but not limited Microsoft Learning Partner, a Citrix Authorized Learning Center and more.

    We provide training on other subjects including ITIL, project management, leadership, and other subjects.

    We can cater any course by customizing it specifically to meet your organization’s requirements.

    Let us know what training needs and projects you have and how we can accomplish them for you.

    For more information, please contact us.