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Cybersecurity Software for K-12 to High Education

CEE Corporation is the technology partner for Global Velocity Company. CEE Corporation Founder and CEO, Dr. Davani and Global Velocity Founder and CEO, Mr. Greg Sullivan know each other well for past 10+ years and they have architected and provided several joint solutions to their customers. CEE Corporation and Global Velocity have partner together in providing a cost effective ROI, high performance and cutting- edge Cybersecurity technology solution to resolve the current Cybersecurity challenges and issues that the government and commercial customer are facing today.

Please contact CEE Corporation: info@ceesl.com or 202.827.5707  directly or through our CEE authorized sales representative for further information about our GlobalDPI and GlobalDLP product lines and custom solutions.

The Education industry faces the challenging task of balancing openness and trust with privacy and protection.  Compliance requirements including PCI, PII, FERPA and FISMA are top of mind for leaders and administrators from K-12 to Higher Education.  Additionally, students can be creative and mischievous users of computing resources opening up a whole new world of security vulnerabilities.

Recent publically disclosed data breaches include:

  • Here’s a rundown of some of the worst data breaches in higher education over the past year. Some of the worst data breaches in higher education over the past year were so massive that the exact number of people affected by the breaches remains unknown.
  • University of Southern California (USC) on June 29, 2012: Third-party university software designed to process credit card transactions across campus was illegally accessed, though names of credit card owners were not associated with the card numbers that were hacked. The precise number of credit card numbers involved remains unknown.
  • Kirkwood Community College on March 13, 2013: The Social Security Numbers of more than 125,000 applicants over an eight-year span were exposed in this massive hack of the community college’s website. The archived information did not include financial details from the applicants, however.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in November 2012: A massive data security breach led to the exposure of more than 176,000 student and employee records. Ten files on a VCU campus server that was hacked last fall included dates of birth, contact information, names, online identification numbers, Social Security numbers, and various programmatic and departmental information. VCU was the 21st campus to report a data breach involving more than 100,000 records since data incidents were first recorded in 2005.
  • Salem State University in February 2012: The university notified more than 25,000 current and former students and staffers that their private information may have been exposed after the school detected a virus on one of their computer drives in February.

Beyond the data this industry must legally protect, is an interesting variety of information that should be protected.  Examples of both include:

  • Research
    • Contracts
    • Source code
    • Federally funded research involving export controls
    • Clinical trial research involving human subjects
  • Compliance
    • Credit Card (PCI)
    • Medical (HIPAA)
    • Student (FERPA)
    • Higher Education Act
  • University Operations
    • Staff and faculty records
    • Legal and administrative information
    • Alumni records

CEE Corporation – Global Velocity co-brand cybersecurity solutions feature the following benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Easy to use and operate

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