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Enterprises with large internal data stores and sophisticated security schemes can elect to deploy Global Velocity’s solutions within their infrastructure and manage the environment themselves.

As illustrated in the figures below, Global Velocity offers its Securio Information-Centric Security solutions in several flexible deployments options for the enterprise: 1) pre-packaged as a hardware appliance or installed on the customers hardware; and 2) as a hybrid implementation utilizing both hardware and cloud services.

Deployment Option 1: Pre-packaged on a Global Velocity hardware appliance or installed on the customers hardware to protect data inside the firewall

For organizations with the requirements and resources in-house to implement and operate their own security systems, Global Velocity offers the solution pre-packaged on a hardware appliance that is easy to install inside the organization’s firewall. The appliance-only configuration allows organizations with large volumes of corporate data to routinely scan internal network storage devices searching for documents that contain sensitive data. Additionally, outbound Internet traffic from inside the firewall can be inspected by the appliance solution for sensitive data protection.

Under this option, in order to inspect remote and mobile user Internet requests, all Internet bound traffic must be routed back through the security appliance, which might not always be desirable. Therefore, if this support enterprise users outside the corporate firewall is a requirement, organizations can select option 2 below to provide efficient content inspection for internal, remote and mobile users.

Deployment Option 2: As a hybrid implementation utilizing both infrastructure hardware and cloud services

For organizations with the need to monitor large volumes of sensitive data at the enterprise level, as well as monitor information requests from remote and mobile users, Global Velocity offers a hybrid solution that can be easily implemented as an integrated platform. Together, this local appliance and cloud hosted solution uniquely provides full ICS capabilities for enterprise and cloud networks.

Because Global Velocity’s Securio solution has been designed to leverage the power of cloud computing concepts, it offers unprecedented scalable performance to inspect high volumes of Internet and network traffic (data in motion) and scan large volumes of network storage devices (data at rest). These capabilities are critical when it comes to providing Information-Centric Security solutions for Big Data organizations such as government agencies and large enterprises.

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